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International Clinical Psychopharmacology

2 Dicembre 2012

International Clinical Psychopharmacology provides an essential link between research and clinical practice throughout psychopharmacology.

L. Degli Espositi, F. La Tour, C. Mencacci, G. Montagnani, C. Pasina, D. Sangiorgi, E. Spina. There is a high level of variability in antipsychotic treatment in patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder – Results from the Italian Burden of Illness in Schizofrenia and Bipolar Disorder (IBIS) study. 2012. International Clinical Psychopharmacology: December 2012 – Volume 28 – Issue – p e51–e52 doi: 10.1097/01.yic.0000423333.62343.4e

A. Hale, R.M. Corral, C. Mencacci, J. Saiz Ruiz, C. Albarran Severo, V. Gentil. Superior antidepressant efficacy results of agomelatine versus fluoxetine in severe MDD patients: a randomized double-blind study. In: International Clinical Psychopharmacology, Vol 25, N. 6, 2010 .